Why Mountain Biking Tops Road Biking

The debate between the choice of mountain biking and road biking is known to be, long and opinionated. However, each aspect has its own different parts and qualities.

They may be different from each other, but they share similar rules and conditions. While most people consider mountain biking to road biking, many don’t have steady access to mountainous regions daily, which can lead to a sort of biased opinion. There are also those who think that mountain biking is actually harmful, while those who mountain bike think that road biking is does not provide enough exercise and does not help you in any way.

Road Biking

Road biking is a form of biking that can efficiently be completed through just racing down your street and going around the block a couple of times. It is not as advanced as mountain biking; neither does it require much manpower and muscle for gaining speed and taking turns. However, it is undoubtedly easier and requires less travel and equipment. In fact, many prefer the long and steady bustling streets to the rocky and uneven roads of the mountains.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is as precise as the title suggests, it features riding your bike down and through trails and nature. Some may call this sport a hobby while others call it their passion. Mountain biking is something that many do to calm down and look on the brighter side of things. Many even suggest this activity for relaxing and calming after a rough patch. Mountain biking is a challenging hobby to take up and an even stricter career to choose. It requires a substantial level of fitness, and muscle build-up, to help power through the twists and turns.

Why Mountain Biking is Better

No Noise

Unlike the mountain areas and trails, the roads are filled with noise and bustling people trying to get to their destination as fast as possible. This usually causes some stress for people who are riding their bikes as they try not to get hit by cars moving at 60kms per hour. The serene calm of the mountains is a welcome change to those who are always plagued by the noise caused by running engines and loud honking.


Another reason as to why mountain biking is better than road biking is the benefits that it has towards your health. Due to the carbon dioxide, monoxide, and other airborne chemicals that you usually face on the road, your health is most likely compromised with each ride. Riding in the mountains is more beneficial as it provides an environment for your body to breathe more freely and relax. Not to mention, the oxygen supply is more abundant in places like mountains, due to the trees.

Better Workouts

Mountain biking, unlike road biking, provides a proper workout for the body. Where road biking provides for a stronger cardiovascular system and fitness level, mountain biking improves your overall dynamic fitness. The quick bursts of speed and the levels of cardio needed for this activity ensure that each part of your body is pushed to its limits. 

Peaceful and Quiet Rides

Following mountain trials usually ends up in a quiet ride through the forests and slopes of the mountains. The quiet and calm environment of the mountain usually allows a person to wind down and relax after a trail. It can also encourage you to take your own time and pick your own pace to complete the trail. Such opportunities in road biking are known to be practically non-existent.