Top Women in Mountain Biking – Canadian Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a popular sport all around the world, especially in Canada. Providing many different levels of difficulty and competition this sport is perfect for the all-round development of a person.

As a highly competitive sport, many individuals of both sexes and various ages come to participate. Some of the most famous mountain biking competitions are the Enduro World Series, XC and DH. These competitions showcase different types and categories of mountain biking that an individual can participate in. Some of the best female mountain bikers participate in these competitions too.

Miranda Miller

Known as a woman who has been around the world cup circuit for many years, Miranda Miller is known for her unchecked ability to summon sudden flashes of speed. This skill has always been deterred by injury and partial support. However, all that changed when she earned a spot on a track for specialized gravity racing. With many of the competitors left in the dust behind, Miller won Canada’s first downhill mountain biking competition in 20 years.

Catharine Pendrel

This young Canadian woman is well known in the world cup circuit, for winning countless competitions. Winning the world cup multiple times and twice world champion Pendrel is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in her race to acquire her next medal. In 2016 she achieved the personal goal that she followed for years, by joining the Olympic Games in Rio. However, this wasn’t the only goal for this multi-win champion. As a cross country racer, Pendrel is known to be extremely skilled among her competitors and is expected to be returning to competition in 2018.

Emily Batty

As another famous Canadian cross-country mountain biker, Emily Batty has become a constant participant in the front lines of the World Cup. Batty is also Canada’s current national champion. During a particularly difficult season in 2016, Batty came in third in the world championships in Nava Mesto. However, one of Emily Batty’s most admirable moments in mountain biking was the Cairns World Championships. This competition consisted of a multitude of participants, and so the tension was high on the track. Batty ended up finishing in seventh place during this championship, that was after she was involved in a crash which left a deep cut in her knee.

Emily Batty

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau

Andréane is a famously known mountain biker in Canada. As an Enduro biker, she has been around and participating in the Enduro World Series Circuit for many years. She is known as ALN by fans and teammates. Some of the biker’s awards include achieving a secure fourth place in the first stage of the Whistler EWS, third place in two EWS rounds and the Tweedlove International Enduro.

Casey Brown

Known for her incredible stunts and almost machine-like skill in her field of mountain biking, Casey Brown is an icon in both Enduro and Downhill Biking. Those who visit her competitions find that she is among one of the coolest women in the mountain biking. In one such instance, Brown took away the breaks on her bike, making her decent downhill in one of her competitions rise to an average of 60 miles per hour. One of the contests that showcased her skill was the Hoff fest, which is a big-air competition taking place in Retallack, British Columbia. In this contest, Brown flew to a height of 60 feet before she landed safely on the ground and won the top prize.

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