Top 4 Canadian Towns to Visit For Mountain Biking Experiences

Canada is known to be a famous destination around the world for adventure sports. This is due to its mountains and sub-zero weather conditions.

However, once the temperature begins to rise and the snow starts melting, Canada becomes subject to a whole different category of visitors and tourists. When it comes to mountain biking and other mountain activities, Canada is known to be the best destination. Offering grandiose mountains and peaceful and pristine lakes and shorelines, Canada is a perfect place to begin your mountain biking adventure. This destination is well known for having hundreds of different locations and venues to practice and participate in mountain biking adventures. 

Cumberland, British Columbia

This small town is located in a place known as Vancouver Island and is known for its network of cross county trails that are available to the public. Some sites that you may explore throughout this trail include mountaintops and shorelines that you can easily visit in one session. This town is also known to have a local bike shop where you can explore your next mountain biking trails and locations.

Fernie, British Columbia

As another mountain biking town in the same province as Cumberland, Fernie is a dream for all mountain bikers. Including all sorts of mountain biking activities such as cross country, downhill, fat-biking and many more, Fernie is a town for mountain biking adventurists. There are six areas in Fernie for each type of mountain biker, with over 90 trails to participate in. The scenery in this small but well-known location and includes tall mountains and other types of natural landmarks. However, the weather in these mountains are known to change drastically and suddenly, so ensuring that you have the right skills and making sure that you have back up before your leave, is essential.


If your head north-east from your location in Fernie, you will find yourself taking thrilling routes and risky trails in Canmore. This destination is also known to be the most famous mountain biking town and is also considered to be the ultimate mountain biking trail in all of Canada. Previous visitors and mountain bikers who visited the town, suggest that spending more than a few days at this location is essential, especially if you are trying to make the most out of it. The mountains in this location are known to be particularly challenging and equally as treacherous. One of these dangerous mountains includes the Canadian Rockies – a trial that is followed by many daredevils and insane mountain bikers. The Canmore Nordic center is also a place that can offer a single-track trail that spans a distance of over 60 km.

Collingwood, Ontario

Located in Ontario, another province in Canada, Collingwood is a destination that is located on the beautiful Georgian Bay, where many visit the beach and relax in the warmer months of the year. Providing routes that wind through luscious and green forests, this town is famous for its extensively vast network of single-track routes. Summer is the best time to tour this location, however in some cases fall is said to be even better with the vibrant colors of the leaves as they turn orange, red and yellow. Blue Mountain Resort is a destination in this town, and it offers downhill tracks with lift access to make things a bit easier.