Things Only A Fellow Mountain Biker Will Understand

Mountain bikers have their own culture, and it is a pretty interesting one too. There are many things, only those that mountain bike will understand. Here are a few examples:

  1. You would question people who walk in the woods – when you go for a walk through the woods with your peers, you might find yourself getting dizzy. Your vision gets dark, your hands start shaking, and you start wishing you could be using your bike right now. When walking on a trail, you would rather be on your bike.
  2. You’re always distracted checking out other people’s bikes – you aren’t distracted by a cell phone. A real mountain biker is distracted because of wondering what the make and model of the bike that is parked. You would examine its parts and what trails the bike has traveled on.
  3. You enjoy feeling mud – when you speed through lots of dirt with your bike, it’s natural to have mud all over you when you are done with your biking adventure. However, the more dirt you wear, the better the fun.
  4. You always love having a drink after a ride – no one hates having a drink, but when you have one after endeavoring on a thrilling journey through an adventurous trail, you would think it’s the best thing ever. It isn’t merely a drink for people who go mountain biking. It’s the time to share your stories and show off your battle scars with fellow mountain bikers.
  5. You ogle at other riders’ bikes right before a group ride – it is always a thrill right when you’re preparing to go down a trail with some of your friends. There is an aura filled with anticipation and excitement. Looking at and admiring the other riders is part of the initial excitement too. The equipment and bike gear is what gets you excited – Like taking a peek into a candy store for a child.
  6. You will always have a chain grease stain on you – performing regular maintenance on your bike is something that you accept willingly. The fact about having chain grease does not bother you and is a kind of tattoo that other bikers wear too.
  7. You’re more likely to buy something with a bike on it – A biker is obsessed with everything to do with mountain biking. Therefore, buying things with a bike on it just because you love mountain biking, is acceptable. You wouldn’t buy a white shirt with a weird pattern, but you’d buy it if it had a bike on it.
  8. You are good friends with the local biking shop – Mountain biking as a hobby isn’t a cheap hobby, so you’ll always find yourself at the local bike shop talking about the best gear and the next big trails.
  9. You’ve switched to Lycra for your riding outfit – If you’re a rider that loves to go fast, you may have tried a bit of Lycra. Lycra’s made of a material that enhances your speed, so you’ll feel faster as soon as you ride.
  10. Your bike is most likely cleaner than your house – Your bike is probably tidier than your bathroom and kitchen. After every ride you go on, you’ll always be cleaning your bike.
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