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The Mountain Bike World Championship

The 2020 Mountain Bike World Championship was nothing but epic. This year it took place in Saalfelden Leogang, Austria, despite the exceptional circumstances. Even before the start, it was clear to the participants that the Speedster would be incredibly demanding. The route has a new forest section in the lower part. That made them a significant challenge. As if that weren’t enough, the onset of winter also increased the level of difficulty. It was therefore clear that the winner would have to manage an extraordinary run.

First Gold For Switzerland

For the women, the entire field struggled with the mud and the too wet conditions. The British Mikayla Parton set a time of 5:32:59. But the world champion of 2019, Myriam Nicole from France struck back and ousted Parton. Even a fall in the lower part of the route couldn’t stop the Frenchwoman. She put down a time of 5: 11: 556. For a long time, one driver after another failed to meet this requirement. But Camille Balanche from Switzerland managed the seemingly impossible. She made a strong start, attacked in a controlled manner and, with her skill on the track, took the gold medal. Her time was 5: 08: 426. Numerous favourites like Tracey Hannah and Monika Hrastnik failed because of their time. With her flawless run, Balanche won the first gold medal in the history of women’s downhill sport for Switzerland. Myriam Nicole came in second, ahead of Monika Hrastnik from Slovenia.

Difficult Conditions

The men’s race turned into a spectacle. Thick snowdrifts showed from the start that only the best would be at the front this time. First, the German Johannes Fischbach took over the lead. Fourteen drivers failed on his time before Jack Moir was able to take the information. But then came Reece Wilson. The Scot caused astonishment with his choice of lines and kept his nerve. He drove at high risk under the most adverse conditions. That paid off for him, his spectacular run brought him seven seconds ahead. But after him, another 30 drivers were waiting for their chance.

Wilson Conquered Them All

But they all failed because of the young Scotsman. No one even came close to the leader’s time. The top 15 drivers were not dangerous to him, either. Only twice did his pulse rise a little. The French Rémi Thirion took all risks in his run. But even this spectacular ride was not enough to catch the leader. In the end, Thirion was also six seconds behind Wilson. It was up to the Austrian David Trummer to pick up the silver medal. At his homeworld championship, Trummer managed a run at the absolute limit. But in the end, he was also missing more than three seconds on the later winning time of Reece Wilson. When the four-time world champion Loic Bruni fell in the last part of the forest, it was clear that the winner was sure. Wilson’s joy knew no bounds. He took the win, ahead of David Trummer and Rémi Thirion.

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