Mountain Biking Advice For Newbies

Mountain biking is very different from regular biking. For those who are not aware of what the difference is, it can be very challenging to get started with mountain biking.

While it may seem simple as getting on any bike and riding alongside a mountain, there may be a few things that might seem very daunting to learn as you go. Therefore, here is a list of things you should know when you’re starting as a mountain biker.

1.      It is for everyone

When you watch a video of mountain biking, you’ll probably think that mountain biking is only for those who love energy drinks. Fortunately, that isn’t true. Anyone can go mountain biking. It doesn’t matter if you go on the simple or hard trails.

2.      your bike is your friend

Modern mountain bikes are reliable and sturdy. Hopefully, you bought yourself a well-made mountain bike before you embarked on a biking adventure. Trust your bike if you ever encounter any harsh obstacles or rough terrain. You will be surprised how your mountain bike will blow your mind with its ability to traverse even the most challenging of trails.

3.      Focus on your path

When you’re speeding through a trail, you might think that you are moving fast. However, you might see someone significantly younger or older than you fly past. When that happens, it is easy to get discouraged. Just bear in mind that there are various levels of experienced bikers on the same trail and everyone was a beginner.

4.      Prepare to make repairs

You never know when you will encounter a mechanical mishap or a flat tire. To make sure you don’t have to walk your bike back to safety for repair, take a pump along with the correct bike tools. There is a range of portable options available for different budgets. Learn a few tricks before you start your biking if you can, to ensure you are not stuck without help.

5.      Remember to take breaks

Even if you are fit and robust, you will still get tired. When you do get tired, stop for a moment, and take a break. Don’t push yourself, or else you might end up regretting it. Take a water break and rest for a while. Your body and mind will thank you.

6.      Bring a partner

It is recommended to bring a guide or a friend who won’t mind slowing down, waiting for you, or teaching you different things. They’ll make sure you don’t get overconfident with your skills and keep you grounded. In emergencies an extra hand will go a long way too.

7.      Equipment is important

Don’t go mountain biking with a helmet you bought years ago for use with your regular bike. You must get a helmet that’s good for mountain biking. It is recommended to get armor so when you fall off your bike and into some rough terrain, your extra protection will save you from the brunt of the damage. Make sure your shoes have a secure grip that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

8.      Watch over your bike

Your bike will go through a lot when you go mountain biking. Some parts may become loose or misaligned, so you should keep an eye out for these things and fix them as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want your bike to fall apart in the middle of a ride through a trail.

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