How to Find Fellow Mountain Biking Women

If you’re a woman who loves mountain biking and is just getting started, then you should know that finding someone that will be your mountain biking partner is a challenging task.

Many women that love mountain biking are introduced to it by men, so you most likely won’t have a female partner from the start. Even if it’s fun to go biking with men, it’s better if you go biking with another woman so you can connect more easily. So, if you’re a woman who wants to find women that loves mountain biking, you could maybe gain a partner, here are some ways to look for fellow female mountain bikers: 

Search on Facebook

Cycling has been steadily gaining popularity among women, so if you go to Facebook and search around, you’ll eventually find a local group for mountain biking women. Even if you don’t live in an area that has a prominent mountain biking community, you’ll be able to find a few people who would be willing to travel a bit.  To look for local groups, search on Facebook for women mountain biking and in your area. 

Attend A Race

If you attend a race, you should try to participate in a competition that is aimed at women that are beginners to racing or for women that aren’t sure about racing. When you attend a race, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how kind and friendly everyone is at the competition, even those that have gone on numerous tracks for years will be friendly to every single person. There may also be men to support their special woman who wants to try out mountain biking. You’ll meet women that are of a variety of origins and stories, so you’ll eventually find someone willing to be your partner.

Check the Bike Store In Town

Head to the bike store in your town and check for a bulletin board or any place where they put news or announcements, or try talking to the staff members in the store and inquire about any groups of women who’d be willing to take you in. You’ll have to interact with strangers and ask about being their partner, so make sure you are ready for this type of social interaction. If you’re worried about asking someone, don’t overthink about it and just take the first step and ask them. There’s nothing wrong with getting rejected, but if you find the perfect person to ride with, then you would be glad you asked them in the first place, right?

Meet Them on Trails

If you don’t want to be actively searching for someone, try and find someone on a trail, and if you think that they look like a friendly person, ask them if they’ll let you ride alongside them. You’re more likely to meet fellow mountain bikers on trails since that’s where they are most of the time, so don’t be afraid to look for someone on the trails nearby and maybe you’ll be able to find the perfect mountain biking partner.

The Reasons You Have to Find A Biking Partner

If you’re going mountain biking on your own, you’ll end up wanting to talk to someone about what trails you just went on and the cool things you’ve seen or done. Having someone at your side while on the trails is good since you’ll have someone to talk to about mountain biking. Also, having someone with you is essential when out in the wilderness just in case something unplanned happens.

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