Who are we anyway?


BVMBA Mission Statement

The Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance (BVMBA) is an association of mountain bikers who live mainly in Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. Alliance members work with land managers on general issues relating to mountain bike use, particularly in Banff National Park (BNP) and the Canmore area. Many of these issues are related to environmental and wildlife concerns, as people and animals struggle to share the same physical space here in the Bow Valley. Other issues relate mainly to trail user conflicts and the growth of informal trails.

We also spend a lot of time (sometimes it feels like far too much time) participating in meetings and study groups that have the potential to affect the future of our sport in Banff and Canmore.

In the Canmore area all trail users are facing more trail use restrictions due to a variety of pressures:


    • the growth in population
    • the development of housing estates and golf courses throughout the Canmore area that is a classic example of poor planning that never factored in trail use for people
    • a narrow valley that is forcing trail users and wildlife to share the same shrinking landscape
    • land managers trying to re-establish wildlife corridors
    • a community with a large proportion of active outdoor enthusiasts
    • a community with a population concerned about the environmental health of the area

As Canmore is facing more trail issues now we have expanded our presence in Canmore and have recently brought several new Directors into the Alliance to help organise and spearhead advocacy for mountain biking and other trail users. In the very near future we intend to expand this website and bring more information on the challenges facing Canmore trail users and mountain bikers in particular.

We have advised Parks Canada on the updating of their mountain and road biking brochure for Banff National Park and are hoping for a new trail map soon. We also do annual trail maintenance in conjunction with Parks Canada’s resource conservation officers.

The Alliance is strongly committed to the value of education and through a number of formats we work to educate riders who are new to the area on the sensitivities of mountain biking in this national park -- also a World Heritage Site.

Since our inception, it has been a long and slow process for the BVMBA to become the accepted voice for mountain bikers in the area. We are proud of the acceptance we have now gained and the generally good working relationship we have developed with the area’s land managers.


                      BVMBA Mission Statement


 The Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance is a volunteer based group of trail enthusiasts committed to the future of mountain bike trail access in the Bow Valley and Banff National Park. We support mountain biking in a landscape struggling to balance the challenges of development, recreational needs and a healthy wildlife habitat.

 Purpose – keep trail access to sustainable multi-user trails, promote socially and environmentally sound mountain biking practices and support future riding opportunities.

 Business – work with the community, various stakeholder organizations and associations, land managers and politicians to foster mountain bike trail access; educate our peers and the public about our sport; encourage stewardship of the trails we use.

 Values – access to healthy, sustainable trail systems based on principles of peer reviewed science, fairness and equality of opportunity.



November 16th, 2006 the BVMBA was the proud recepient of the Banff Heritage Tourism award for 2006 for "best environmental practices". This is a great recognition for the Alliance and all its members and volunteers who have worked so hard over the years to promote our sport in Banff National Park. Congratulations everyone !!


It was a fun and proud evening at the Banff Heritage Tourism award ceremony held at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel.