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  • 1997 - The BVMBA was formed in reaction to the decision to ban mountain bike use on the Bryant Creek Trail, described by Bike magazine as “one of the sweetest singletracks ever”
  • 1997 – The BVMBA signs the first volunteer Trail Maintenance agreement with Parks Canada to do minor trail work in the Lake Louise area
  • 1998 - The BVMBA is successful in lobbying Parks Canada to open the Ross Lake Trail in Lake Louise to mountain bike use.
  • 1998/99 – The BVMBA has educational booths at the World Cup races in Canmore.
  • 1998 - The BVMBA is a participating member at the ROWG (Recreation Opportunity Working Group) meeting in Canmore deciding on future trail use in the Canmore area
  • 1999 - Recommendations are given to Parks Canada on how to establish and operate trail quota systems for high use trails such as the Bryant  Creek Trail
  • 1999 - The BVMBA begins participation in the annual “One Hot Summer” event in Banff, spreading the word about responsible and sustainable mountain biking to new residents to the BowValley
  • 1999 – The BVMBA supplies input on the development of the Kananaskis Country Recreation Policy
  • 1999 – In conjunction with IMBA and Parks Canada, the BVMBA launches an ongoing volunteer bike patrol program – the first in a national park in Canada.
  • 2000 - The BVMBA leads a protest ride in Canmore against the unannounced trail closures in the Canmore area which became known as “the chainsaw massacre”
  • 2000 – The Alliance provides input and information as Parks Canada seeks to address the proliferation of illegal downhill trails appearing on the front of Mt Norquay
  • 2000/01 – The BVMBA  works with Parks Canada to have them examine their banning of mountain bike use on the Moraine Lake Highline Trail in Lake Louise. The resulting study by grizzly bear expert Dr. Stephen Herrero provides an innovative and equitable solution that allows bikers to regain use of this much loved trail

  • 2001-2002  The BVMBA is represented for almost 1 ½ years as a member of the Lake Louise External Advisory Group looking at human use in the Lake Louise area
  • 2002  - IMBA and CLIF Bar award the BVMBA a grant to develop a series of mountain biking messages for use on Park Radio in Banff
  • 2004 – Annual trail maintenance days on Lower Stoney Squaw Trail begin
  • 2002-2005– The BVMBA starts over 3 years of representation at the Lands Adjacent to Banff (LATB) study group looking at solutions for trail use around Banff Townsite for all trail user groups
  • May 2006 BVMBA sends two representatives to Jasper to participate in a two day Parks Canada workshop aimed at getting a better understanding of mountain biking and formulating a nation wide policy on mountain bike use in Canadian National Parks
  • August 2007 to present day -- Doug Topp is taking the lead role, supported by Eric Harvie, representing the BVMBA and all recreation trail users at the Montane Advisory Group meetings.  The Group will advise Parks Canada on ecosystem management issues in the montane region of the Bow Valley. It also will review current management actions to try to help restore ecological processes in the montane and reduce human-wildlife conflicts in the montane areas around the Banff townsite. In addition the Group has been exploring the management options available to address the issue of the increasing elk population around Banff and provide feedback to the Banff National Park Superintendent on possible actions. The Advisory Group will make recommendations for a long-term stategy to improve the predator-prey relationship (maintain a sustainable balance) in the Montane areas adjacent to the Town of Banff.
  • May 30, 2008 -- Six Directors from the BVMBA attend a meeting in Jasper to provide assistance to the Jasper Trail Society as it continues its work redefining and inproving the multi-user trail system in the Jasper area. A good exchange of ideas and best practises for Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper trail systems will hopefully lead to better results for all three areas.  And oh yeah -- we got some sweet riding in while we were there. Jasper has some really great mountain biking if you didn't know that already. 
  • March 23 - 25, 2010 -- Doug Topp, Director from the BVMBA  attended a National Mountain Bike Assessment hosted by Parks Canada in Ottawa. The workshop  examined many of the issues related to mountain bike use in National Parks and the guidelines and conditions under which it will have a future in the National Park System. It was an honour and a privilege for the BVMBA to be in attendance at this workshop.
  • June 17, 2010 -- the BVMBA and Parks Canada have signed a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) whereby our Alliance and its volunteers take stewardship for the Tunnel Mountain bench trail network. We believe the MOU is the first of its kind in a national park in Canada and we are hopeful this may set a precedent for future agreements in other parts of Banff National Park and indeed other national parks in Canada. Who is better to care for the trails than the people who love to use them and respect the experience they offer in a National Park setting?
  • November 2010 -- the BVMBA is asked to join IMBA representing mountain biking interests at the National Trail Leadership Roundtable held in Banff. This initial collaboration, facilitated by the Trans Canada Trail and Parks Canada, brought together trail users, builders and stakeholders to discuss the future of trails and to launch a national discussion for the development of a strategic vision for trails in Canada. BVMBA Director Doug Topp attended the Roundtable for the BVMBA.