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Mountain Biking in Whistler for Beginners – All the Information You Need

If you’re a beginner in mountain biking that’s interested in going to Whistler, then you can get a lot of information from bike shops. In a bike shop, you can ask for a mountain biking guide. A guide that knows the local area is the best knowledge source for trails in the locality. The guides can help with your progress, and finding which trails are best suited to your skill and ability in mountain biking. Skilled local guides are worth it. This article will guide you if you’re a mountain biking beginner looking to bike in Whistler.

What Equipment And Gear To Bring

The first thing to check is your bike. You have to make sure that your bike is suited for mountainous trails since bikes that aren’t meant for mountains won’t be a smart choice for Whistler. Your bike should be able to handle the rough terrain of a mountain, and the pedals should still be easy to move. If your bike isn’t a bike that can handle the terrain, don’t worry. There are places where you can rent a bike that you can go to when you’re in Whistler. Some bike rental shops might even match you with a bike that suits you perfectly. Before you decide to purchase a bike, you may want to rent it to test it out and see if it’s a good match for you.

The clothing you should be wearing has to be athletic, and you have to wear shoes with flat soles at least. If you want to be protected and comfortable, then you should also wear cycling shorts and gloves. It is also smart to wear sunglasses, but not the ones that are dark since it’s darker in the forest than outside it. You have to keep your body protected as a beginner since the bike park in Whistler is rough for beginners. The standard for body protection is anything that protects your elbows, shins, and knees.

How To Ride In Whistler Safely

Try and get a talented mountain biking guide even if you have to spend some money on a single session. The guide will be able to show and teach you a variety of skills that are fundamental for anyone interested in mountain biking. The skills they teach will help you progress easier since you would have to learn them on your own. The guides will also tell you how to brake, shift, and scan the trail. They will also show you how to position your body on the bike optimally.

biking with friends
Mountain biking with friends

If you are a beginner but want to go mountain biking with friends that are better than you, then look no further. The trails in Whistler are great for a group with uneven skill levels. You could have a seasoned mountain biker with a beginner mountain biker. It’s not just limited to two people, so you can have a large group of friends if you want. It’s an excellent place for the seasoned bikers to help teach the beginners how to do things just like a guide would.

Bucket-list Cycling Spots for Adventurers in Canada

You most likely think of the beautiful nature that Canada contains within its borders when you think about the country. One of the best ways to partake in a variety of beautiful landscapes that you can find in the country is by going cycling through those landscapes. The obvious choice is to go through Canada’s Great Trail, which is a series of trails that you’ll be able to explore by paddling, hiking, cycling, and more. For the people that love going cycling, this article will tell you of some excellent routes that you want to go through at least once in your life.

The Gulf Islands, located in British Columbia

There are magnificent views offered in British Columbia, which makes it challenging to pick a location that isn’t suitable for cycling. An excellent place to go cycling in British Columbia is the Gulf Islands. The islands have numerous trails on them that you can pick from when you want to go cycling. It will take roughly a week if you’re going to cycle through every single trail on the islands. Each island will most likely have individual paths designated for cycling and also sidepaths that are peaceful. Some islands may be busy on some periods throughout the year, but it depends on the climate. On the trails, you’ll come across farmer markets and artist studios, as well as astonishing views of the mountains and oceans.

Battleford Trails, located in Saskatchewan

The prairies in Saskatchewan don’t make people think about diverse cycling locations or even challenging situations. But the province has a large number of buttes, hills, and valleys, which will be a great idea if you’re looking to go on a breathtaking ride over a vast distance. The area in this province that’s a part of the Trans-Canada Trail goes past the town called Battleford, through the North Saskatchewan River, where it ends up in the city called North Battleford. If you’re visiting, make sure you visit Finlayson Island since there are several acres of marshes that contain various wildlife.

Duck Mountain, located in Manitoba

Right on the border of Manitoba that meets with Saskatchewan, you’ll find prairie highlands. You’ll be able to find many trails meant for cycling in Duck Mountain. In the mountain, the different trails are all marked by levels of difficulty. These trails range from being easy to challenging, so you’ll have some fun no matter if you’re a beginner or an enthusiast. The various trails will let you see grasslands in the prairie are filled with streams and creeks as well as a forest that’s brimming with flora. While on the trails, keep your eyes open and you might see bobcats, black bears, moose, or elks.

The Cabot Trail, located in Nova Scotia

If you want to experience amazing views of ocean and forest, then Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail is the right choice for you. The trail loops around the Cape Breton Island, and it’s almost three hundred kilometers long. Cyclists who are more experienced are the people who this trail is meant to go cycling since there are a large number of steep slopes and hills. You can take three to five days to go through the entire trail at once or take it slow and split it up into sections one at a time.