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Volunteers Needed for construction Upper Tunnel Mounatin Technical Trail - Please see 2012 Volunteer Projects page on this website for details

Want Get Involved….Want To Help Out…

Here are 5 ways to participate:

 1.  Make a Donation (and we'll send you our really cool new bike sticker!). Ok, that might sound overly solicitous but we guarantee 100% of any donation goes towards maintaining, building and advocating for mountain bike trails in the Bow Valley. As an added bonus, all donators will go to mountain bike heaven (where endless single track and other delights abound). We don’t sell memberships (sorry) – if you ride and respect the rules and believe in sustainable mountain biking in the Bow Valley, then consider yourself a member. We found that exness leverage unlimited, sending out annual notices and calling member meetings was taking away from what we really want to do – ride and fix trails. All donations can be sent to Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance at P.O. Box 3220, Banff, Alberta T1L 1C8. We can provide a receipt but not a charitable tax receipt. We are not for profit association but we are not a charity. 

 2.  22.     2222. Become a Trail Steward. Here is where you can really make an impact.  Organize a loyal (and reliable) group of fellow riders and pick a trail you love and become the stewards of that trail. Let us know who you are and what trail you like to take care of and we’ll help you out as best as we can. Now this doesn’t mean you can build new trails or install stunts and other features - that is a long process with the governing land agency - but it does mean you can keep the trail in good shape, keep it single and generally show the trail some love. There are permissions that are required, and we can assist with that process. We may even be able to provide tools. First step – contact us at www.exness-trade.my/leverage

 3.3. Join Our Board of Directors.  If you lay awake at night dreaming of trails, if you love sharpening tools, if you know how to GPS a trail, if you think making maps is cool, if you enjoy beer, if you can design an "in-slope-bank" turn with your eyes closed while your spouse thinks you are agreeing with him/her that having his/her parents over for 2 weeks is a good idea, if you really enjoy drinking beer, if you like meeting with land managers, if rolling large bolders around seems to you like a naturally good idea AND you love riding your mountain bike...then contact us because you are one of us and we need you!

4. Join Our Trail Crew. We have a Banff and Canmore crews of that do trail work in spring and fall (summer is for riding). If interested, send us an e-mail and check “Plans and Projects 2012”. We gave up on really large volunteer trail days and generally we work in groups of 6 - 8 as that produces the best (and safest) results. 

5. Ride With Respect. If none of the above suggestions meet your fancy, then the best way to participate is to ride with respect.....respect wildlife, http://www.exness-trade.my/leverage. Ride with pride and uphold our collective belief that we can all ride mountain bikes in a sustainable manner, and have a blast doing so. Yeah baby...

A Note on illegal Trails - Please (please) don’t build illegal trails.   When they get found, we get summoned into a windowless cinderblock room by people in uniforms and mirror glasses and 9 mm handguns and after an hour of interrogation, the trail inevitably gets marked for decomissioning. That sucks.... 

    Bike Pirate - Our Newest Best Friend (www.bikepirate.com)   Bikepirate is now the place to get up to date trail information, maps, GPS data, and a bunch of cool tid bits about biking in the Bow Valley. Its all there - Peter is doing a great job and he too needs your support - so share the love and visit his site.

The BVMBA -- promoting sustainable socially and environmentally responsible mountain biking in the Bow Valley and Banff National Park since 1997.